Easy recovery Process

No cold turkey opiate withdrawal symptoms.

Our detox process ensures that transitioning away from opiate dependency is as easy as falling asleep. With a personalized detox plan designed around you, we effectively anticipate and eliminate ‘cold turkey’ symptoms before they even start.

We’re deeply committed to your comfort and health, prioritizing a smooth, manageable journey to recovery that also respects your financial concerns. Our affordable, high-quality detox services focus on what you truly need—freeing yourself from dependency without additional stress or financial burden.


We are listening to your feedback, contact our specialists to find a best action plan for your situation.

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Who we are?

Easy, safe & rapid heroin detox clinic

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Quick answers

Feel free to contact us 24/7 for any additional questions and/or diagnostics.

The clinic employs a unique approach that pharmacologically prevents opiate withdrawals in advance. This leads to patients not experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, creating a comfortable and easy detox process.

At the start of the detox process, the patient goes into a pharmacologically induced sleep, experiencing no discomfort. When they wake up, they generally feel normal and may experience slight fatigue and drowsiness for the first few days.

Every detox process is uniquely tailored to the patient, taking into account their personal characteristics, health status, and history of opiate and other drug abuse.

 There is usually no waiting list, as the clinic almost always has rooms available. The admission process is done swiftly and professionally.

No, the clinic does not require advance payments, deposits, or paid consultations. The clinic respects the patient's right to change their plans and is adaptable to suit their needs.

Patients are given the freedom to complete their detox according to their own schedule and can voluntarily leave the clinic when they feel ready. They will not be persuaded to undergo additional treatments or procedures.

The program is budget-friendly because it relies on smart pharmacological technologies, necessary medical equipment, and a professional staff, avoiding unnecessary costly procedures. Also, admission organization and preliminary diagnostics are offered free of charge.

Patients have access to a private room with cable TV and Wi-Fi. Meals are provided a la carte, ordered from local restaurants and served in their room.

The clinic provides inexpensive long-acting Naltrexone pellets (heroin blockers) for maintenance. Patients can opt for Naltrexone implant maintenance for 3, 6, or even 12 months.

The clinic caters not only to patients from the UK and Ireland but also welcomes English-speaking clients from various countries like The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Belgium. Admissions for the opioid detox program can be organized within 24 hours.

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We’re here for you around the clock! Our contact form is available 24/7, ensuring that you can reach out to us at any time convenient to you. Feel free to use your name or an alias, whichever you prefer. We value your privacy and there are no obligations attached when submitting the form.

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