Naltrexone Therapy

Optimizing Heroin Detox with Naltrexone Implants

After the Easy Heroin Detox programme, we recommend using a Naltrexone implant for continued maintenance, which starts at £ 550. This implant serves a few critical purposes:

  1. It safeguards your opioid receptors from drug effects with a heroin blocker.
  2. It helps reduce heroin cravings and other psychological issues often encountered during abstinence.
  3. It helps prevent a relapse into opioid addiction, negating the need for complete isolation in camps or rehab centers.
  4. It maintains stable remission during the initial phase of the recovery process.

Our patients from the UK, Ireland, and the USA often choose the cost-effective heroin detox, followed by long-lasting Naltrexone implants. The six-month Naltrexone pellet costs £ 1150 , and the 12-month version costs £ 1950 . This opioid receptor blocker provides immediate calmness, relaxation, and reassurance against relapsing into heroin addiction or the stress of managing daily intake of Revia, Antaxon, Nalorex, or Naltrexone hydrochloride tablets.

Most patients report an improved mood and decreased heroin cravings shortly after receiving the Naltrexone pellet. They then experience calmness, confidence, better sleep quality, a healthier appetite, and a positive outlook towards the future. The Naltrexone implant fosters a proactive approach towards future planning, and it helps to alleviate any feelings of doubt and fear about what’s to come.

We also offer liquid Naltrexone options, including Naltrexone injections like Vivitrol and Naltrexone (in oil), each providing a month-long heroin blockade. These injections are useful in cases where the subcutaneous Naltrexone pellet is not suitable.

During times when additional reinforcement against heroin cravings is needed, we recommend taking Naltrexone hydrochloride tablets alongside the Naltrexone implant. This approach should be combined with other treatments.

At our Easy Heroin Detox Clinic, we regularly monitor the results of your opiate detox programme with drug tests. This monitoring allows us to effectively administer Naltrexone implant maintenance and other anti-relapse treatments. We have a specialized Naltrexone implant clinic for these purposes.


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Naltrexone implant maintenance is designed to protect opioid receptors from drugs, reduce cravings for heroin, prevent opioid addiction relapse, and maintain stable remission during the early stages of the recovery process.

he cost of a Naltrexone implant starts from 500 GBP. Patients from the UK, Ireland, and the USA prefer them because they're cost-effective, provide immediate relaxation, and eliminate worries about heroin addiction relapse and daily tablet intake.

After receiving a Naltrexone pellet, patients have reported improved mood, decreased heroin cravings, increased calmness and confidence, better sleep, healthier appetite, and a more optimistic outlook towards the future.

Besides the long-lasting Naltrexone implants, liquid formulas of the opiate blocker are available, including Naltrexone injections like Vivitrol and Naltrexone (in oil), providing a month-long heroin blockade.

Naltrexone hydrochloride tablets are recommended for use in addition to the Naltrexone implant during short periods when it's necessary to reinforce anti-heroin protection and overcome cravings for heroin.

The Easy Heroin Detox Clinic routinely monitors the results of the opiate detox program with drug tests. This allows for the effective administration of Naltrexone implant maintenance and other anti-relapse treatments.

Naltrexone implant maintenance helps alleviate feelings of doubt and fear about the future. It aids patients in focusing on achieving their goals, confident in the knowledge that the road back to drugs is closed.

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